How To Find The Right Clothing Manufacturer For Your Business

If you are looking to get started with your clothing endeavor and are on your way of finding a manufacturing partner, you need to be very cautious and specific in making your selection. As nowadays there are many options out there with a different set of offerings, trade experience, business credibility, service quality, operational capability, and value benefits.

No matter what your idea of a clothing business is, a dropshipping operation or a private label service, it is important for you to pick the right sourcing partner to get you a reliable and valuable solution in your practice of the trade. You need to be very particular about the selection you make here, as this is going to decide the most part of the success in the business.

To make sure that you do it right and with enough assurance of results, ask these questions to the clothing manufacturing suppliers:

  1. Are they able to produce your product?

The very first thing that you need to see here is if the clothing manufacturer is able to work on your product. So, when you are making your selection and considering options, you should look into the service provided by the manufacturers. Taking an example, if you are planning to work on a certain line of apparels (like swimwear) with some specific choice of fabric (say lycra) and design requirement (international fashion), you need to see if the provider have enough experience, ability, and resources in place to work on such products.

  1. What is their production capacity?

Now, this is something not every business at their initial state think of. As they just get their clothing line started they have to maintain stock and meet demands at a basic and meager level. But, as these brands grow in size and reach with time, they have to serve the growing clientele expanding and scaling their services further. So, it is always advisable to choose the manufacturing partner looking at the capacity of their production and their ability to meet the current flow and future needs of demand.

  1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

This is an important part to consider while you are making your selection of the clothing manufacturer. Because there are many providers who only work in bulk quantities and cater to requirements in volume. And also there are suppliers who break up their order quantities into easy numbers and accordingly adjust costs. You need to see if the items you need to purchase in a single order matches the supply framework of the manufacturing business or not. Asking them the Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ should get you to compare among the options that fit your needs and preferences of the size of the order.

  1. Can they provide product samples?

Ask your manufacturer for samples for the product you are looking to get created through them. You can ask them to either share with you something similar they already have with them or get a quick work sample ready for you. With this, you will get to fairly anticipate how well they are able to achieve a product you want them to produce as per your requirements and preferences. This is also important as you are assured of the measurements and the fit of the products when you have them checked and approved as samples.

  1. What is the extra or additional cost?

It is more than obvious that you need to pay for the basic fees for packaging and shipping in the process of acquiring the products. But, always be upfront and clear with asking for all the charges and fees, included and excluded. Take a total account of cost with a detailed breakup and ask them to reveal if there is any hidden cost or additional charges other than the regular fees. Asking this question to your manufacturer can save you from paying more and unreasonable.

  1. What quality standards they follow?

Quality is the most important aspect of any production. And this is what makes the difference in the long run. But, it is something very subjective to gauge and requires a keen judgment and thorough analysis. A limitation here is, you cannot be assured of quality just by talking to the manufacturer over calls or exchanging emails. So, better walk into their production unit or warehouse facility, talk to them in person, take a glimpse of the material and the processes, to get yourself the idea of their quality standards. And it is recommended that you do this at your pace taking your time, till you are fully assured about quality.

  1. How credible are they as a business?

You need to check with the authenticity of the business checking their industry accreditation and recognition. Here you need to look for trade certifications and listings. Better if they have of any recognized government or private affiliations and partnerships to prove their credibility in the industry. This is important as with this you get an overall idea of how credible and reliable they are as a business. And with this you will be able to find the right partner with a recognized business entity and approved practices.


Asking these questions to your shortlisted providers you will be able to get a better perspective and understanding of whom you should go with as your clothing manufacturing partner. While you do this just make sure you look for well-appointed details and evident proofs, provided by an authorized person from the business.

Published by Cheer Sagar Exports

Cheer Sagar Exports is the leading manufacturer and exporter of women apparel and home décor accessories. Our range of products includes ladies blouses, women’s dresses, Kurtas for women, skirts, handbags, quilts, curtains, mattresses, and other important clothing and home décor items. Our range is designed keeping the specific needs and preferences of clients in mind, in order to make them immensely satisfied.

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