How to find an ethical clothing supplier and manufacturer?

‘Sustainable Manufacturing’, ‘Green Manufacturing’, or ‘Eco-friendly Manufacturing’ are buzzwords in the textile industry. As a fashion startup or an established fashion brand, fair trade clothing is incumbent for you. Why? First, manufacturing is not just about reducing costs but it now focuses on reducing its environmental impact. Second, consumers are becoming more aware of ethical clothing practices and why should they opt for an ethical brand.

Biggies like Levi’s have launched their exclusive range of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion clothing. So, as a fashion startup, you just can’t ignore the rising importance of sustainable manufacturing and ethical clothing suppliers.

But how do you find the right ethical apparel manufacturer for women or a sustainable women clothing supplier?

The article covers talks about the following:

What is sustainable manufacturing and its importance?

How do you find a sustainable clothing manufacturer and supplier?

Sustainable Manufacturing – the need of the hour

Sustainable manufacturing refers to the practice of meeting production demands while minimizing the manufacturing or factory’s impact on the environment. It covers issues like optimum utilization of energy and material, air emissions, water consumption, waste management, and recycling. Thus, sustainability advocates the use of more environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. It also encompasses the safety of products, local community, and employees. It focuses on value-based production with minimal or no negative outcomes.

When you choose a sustainable manufacturer, you must consider the whole fashion supply chain. It structurally must include:

  • eco-friendly and ethical clothing suppliers,
  • material sourcing,
  • safe working conditions and safety precautions for occupational hazards,
  • sustainable manufacturing practices and distribution,
  • ethical consumer decision making, and green retailing practices.

How to find sustainable clothing manufacturers and suppliers?

Use ethical resources

The first step would be to use ethical resources to search for ethical apparel manufacturers for women. Many sites list the world’s best clothing manufacturers in one place. Brush up your knowledge about ethical farming practices and manufacturing before you begin your search.

Visit trade shows

While you can find ethical garment manufacturing units online, for a more personal experience, visit trade shows. Sustainable fashion trade shows feature ethical clothing manufacturers, designers, and retailers. You get plenty of options and can directly communicate with them.

Know about the certifications

As eco-friendly clothing is on trend, some manufacturers simply jump on the bandwagon and claim to be ethical clothing manufacturers. Don’t go with the face value and research about global and local certifications related to ethical clothing practices. Ask the manufacturers about their processes and policies. If possible, you can even visit the factory before finalizing the deal.

Cover the entire supply chain

Even if the manufacturer has all certifications and commits to follow sustainable practices, you cannot be sure that all members of their supply chain follow the same practice. Hence, find out about the members and parties in the supply chain of the manufacturer you have chosen.


You can easily find ethical manufacturer and women clothing supplier online. You just need to keep your checklist ready – ask about their certifications, inquire about the whole supply chain, and what are they doing to reuse manufacturing waste and use additive and lean manufacturing practices in a safe working condition.

Companies like H&M, TOMS, Patagonia, are already setting an example of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Partner with an ethical clothing manufacturer and supplier to produce ethical fashion and contribute towards a greener and safer planet.

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